Bike Around Palm Springs

There are so many amazing sights to be seen around Palm Springs! One of the best ways to sightsee is by bike. A ton of biking options are available throughout the Palm Springs area to fit your needs. Whether you want to bike the mountain trails or cruise along the main streets of Downtown Palm Springs, there is an option for everyone!

Palm Springs welcome sign on the edge of town

If you are considering a bike tour around Palm Springs, you might also want to consider an electric bike! The electric bike options are available for cruise bikes as well as mountain bikes. The price is around $14 per hour for city cruising bikes and range up to $100 per day for mountain bikes. Electric bikes are a cool new way to explore new cities, so remember this option on your next vacation!

Of course, the traditional bike options are always available to explore the Palm Springs area as well. Here are some routes you can take around the city!

There are a few routes throughout the city that allow visitors to cruise around for a quick daytime ride. With the desert area, you want to make sure you always have water and snacks. And always try to plan your bike ride at a good time of day where the temperature isn’t too hot. One of the perks of doing a city bike ride is being able to check out all the amazing architecture throughout the Palm Springs area! This route is mostly flat, through neighborhoods, and features some of the best mid-century buildings in town. These houses include designs from architects such as Albert Frey, Richard Neutra, William Krisel and more! Here is a link to this bike route.

Palm Springs has a couple of mountain trails for cyclists who are up for a challenge! There is the Goat Trails route, which offers a shorter 7 mile version as well as the longer 14 mile version. With rocky terrain, this route is a bit tough but if you are up for the challenge, you will be rewarded with amazing views.

Competitors in a bike race through the desert.

Another challenging route for the mountain bike adventurers is the Palm Canyon Epic Trail. This route is 28 miles long on a single track, alongside cacti and some sections of sand. If you venture out on this trail, make sure to bring a GPS!

Located in the Palm Desert area, there is a route called the Bump and Grind Trail. This trail is a 4 mile mountain trek that contains incredible mountain views! Don’t be fooled by this shorter 4 mile trail, it still has its challenges with steep inclines. This trail is also shared with hikers too.

If you also find yourself taking a day trip to La Quinta, there is an interactive bike map to help plan your route. You can also check out our previous blog that includes everything you need to know for a day trip to the charming town of La Quinta!

Woman Riding a Bicycle on a Bridge in Palm Springs, California,

Be sure to check out the Palm Springs area on a bike trip for your next visit, and book your stay at Vista Mirage Resort today!